Natural Flood Management

Working with the University of Hull’s Flood Innovation Centre on new natural flood management, with the aim of identifying new products, processes and services we are exploring how Humber based SMEs might be able to develop and provide NFM solutions.

The problem

The need for solutions to real-world challenges within the Natural Flood Management sector and  to create opportunities for SMEs to innovate within the flood resilience sector.

Our contribution to a solution

Develop and deliver workshops will provide an opportunity for the attendees to develop knowledge and skills, which will contribute to the provision creative solutions.

Identification of the key issues within Natural Flood Management to develop a challenge led, solutions focussed workshop programme

Stakeholder engagement to uncover key themes and opportunities for SMEs in Natural Flood Management
Identify target SMEs, sectors and contacts to start to promote the series.

After key challenges have been identified, work alongside colleagues from FIC to co-create workshop programme.

Project partner

Hull’s Flood Innovation Centre