Meet the team

Simon Green profile image

Simon Green

Founder and CEO

With experience of working in corporate, small business, public and academic organisations, Simon is passionate about innovation of all kinds.

He loves using this experience to develop and commercialise new ideas for products and services, and help others launch their own ideas.

Nick Devitt

Senior Design Associate

Nick’s background is product, digital and service design in many environments from start-ups to large organisations.

He is an experienced design and innovation enabler and very comfortable exploring new projects, shaping them up and developing existing and new relationships to deliver new solutions.

At the Rural Design Centre the design team are responsible for setting up and running design missions to support the design and development of feasible, viable and sustainable solutions.

Nick is always happy to chat through an issue that needs to be addressed or an opportunity to explore.

Liz Gray

Innovation Manager

Liz has always worked with start-ups and SMEs involved in developing innovation to pioneer new markets, for example electric vehicles, shared mobility and energy storage.

She has experience in building consortia from across industries to develop and deliver new projects, including funding searches and bid writing.

At the Rural Design Centre, Liz will be working directly with SMEs to help deliver the innovative solutions that have been developed during the co-design process.

Denis Murphy

Business Advisor

Denis is the Rural Design Centre Innovation Business Advisor, working for Advance Northumberland.

He has a background in managing business development projects in private and third sector organisations, focused on improving financial structures, managing regional sales initiatives and identifying innovative growth opportunities to increase revenue.

Denis provides practical guidance on support available to businesses looking to develop and deliver innovative solutions in rural communities, as part of the wider economic growth team within Advance Northumberland.

David O’Leary

Design Associate

David has taken things to bits to see how they work since being a boy. That curiosity and thirst for knowledge remains. He has over 20 years’ experience in design.

He has worked in a wide range of areas in consultancy, education and collaboration. He has designed technical stuff like medical devices and scientific equipment.

His work has included in working for small regional charities to global corporations.

David cares a lot about designing things with the people that matter, the end-user(s). He is really excited to be working on the rural design project with a great team and helping to improve rural life.

He can even put some things back together again now.

Jamie Campbell

Design Associate

Jamie is a passionate Designer, and has worked in the design industry for over 14 years. 

He has experience in various design disciplines, and his current focus is on digital experience and service design.

Jamie has worked across many sectors including; tech, higher education, local government, financial, healthcare, and the third sector.

He is passionate about doing helpful design that will benefit people, communities and the planet.

Andie Harris

Design Associate

Taking the adage of ‘every day is a school day’ to heart, Andie has been in some form of education either as a student or tutor, for all but 8 years of her life.

Growing up in rural Weardale, she is passionate about heritage regeneration, sustainability and education, her work winning the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in 2015.

Andie is a Churchill Fellow and has been a panel interviewer for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, a Trustee for the Heritage Crafts Association and a Judge for Constructing Excellence in the North East and Nationally.
She has worked for third sector and blue-chip companies across Europe and the UK.

Andie delights in being curious, creative and an avid reader, as her eclectic projects and groaning bookshelves will attest to.